How it works

What is a

cheer we go collection ?

A Cheer We Go is a collection of Voice Notes to share with your SuperHero, to let them know how much you care. You create the Collection, get a shareable link to send to all the SuperHeros Cheer Squad.

Their Voice Notes are recorded and sync directly with the Collection for you to organise, add an intro and outro and background music. Choose your plan according to the number of Voicenotes you want included in your final collection.

Bringing People Together with


Cheer We Go is more than just a service - It’s a mission to spread support, connection, and kindness in a world where people are increasingly feeling lonely and disconnected.

Cheer We Go is dedicated to nurturing these core values and helping people feel valued and appreciated.

Support, Connection, Kindness

Cheer We Go was born from the desire to reconnect people through kindness using our voices. The goal is to create a way for people to feel supported and valued through the power of collective encouragement.

Rising Loneliness and Disconnection

In today's fast-paced world, loneliness and disconnection are on the rise. Many people feel isolated, whether they are dealing with life's challenges, celebrating milestones alone, or just need a little extra encouragement. The lack of genuine, heartfelt support can make these times even harder.

Our Vision

A Unique and Priceless Gift
Cheer We Go aims to provide a gift like no other – it’s a collection of unique messages all in one place to cheer someone on or cheer someone up.
Precious Memories to Treasure Forever
The messages can be kept and treasured, listened to again and again, offering continuous support and encouragement.
Give Support and Connnect
Friends, family, and colleagues can use Cheer We Go to build stronger connections by coming together to share their support.

This strengthens their relationships with each other and the Superhero.

Our Mission

Cheer We Go is on a mission to spread kindness,connection and support through the power of collective voice messages.

We believe in the profound impact that a few kind words can have, especially when they come from a community of loved ones.

Our goal is to reconnect people, helping them feel valued and cherished.

Meet Caro Syson: Founder of Cheer We Go

Hitting The Wall

Hi. I’m Caro Syson, founder of Cheer We Go, and supporter of Superheroes (without capes) everywhere. 

It all started on a sunny afternoon in 2015, at around mile 18 ofthe London Marathon.  

After feeling pretty good until that point, I hit the dreaded wall, and the doubts crept in. Who did I think I was, believing I could do this? Why isn’t anyone else slowing down? Maybe I could just walk the rest of the way? 
But then, miraculously, other voices started to pop into my head. I could hear the voices of my 4 children waiting at the finish line. Telling me of course I could do it! That there was no way I was going to give up now. That I was the strongest person they know.  

Suddenly, my doubts melted away. I put those voices on a loop and just kept going. 

I’m not going to say it was easy, but I dug my heels in and finished what I came there to do. 

The Idea

The experience really got me thinking. About the power of support, connection and kindness. About the power of using our voices. And about all the people in our lives who could do with a boost, just like I did that day.  

All the school teachers who go the extra mile, the work mates moving on to other things, the couples walking down the aisle and the friends going through hard times.  

I wanted to create a way for people to feel that same support and connection through collective voice messages.

The Start of Something Great

And so, Cheer We Go was born. Because the world needs more encouragement to cheer people on or cheer people up.

I hope it inspires you to cheer on the unsung Superheroes in your life.

Because we all know a Superhero who isn’t wearing a cape but could do with our kindness right now.  There really is a Cheer We Go for every occasion as there can never be enough kindness!

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