What is a

Cheer We Go?

A personalised collection of voice notes recorded by friends, family and loved ones, wrapped up and delivered to your chosen Superhero, to show them how much they matter.

To cheer them on and cheer them up.

/audio/Jo Jo intro CWG 2.wav
Know a Superhero who would love a Cheer We Go? Add their details, set a date and choose your Cheer Squad.
Share the link to your Cheer Squad and we’ll help them create their voice note in a few easy steps. Once they’re done, use the dashboard to review, re-jig the order, add your own intro or outro, and create the finished Cheer We Go.
On the date and time you choose, we’ll surprise your Superhero with a link to their unique Cheer We Go, for them to listen to and enjoy again and again.
Create  & Share
Make your first Cheer We Go Collection for your chosen Superhero.

Set the end date it must be finished by. Add a photo of your SuperHero and record a brief message to share with the link to send out to the friends and family you invite to the Collection.
Record & Sync
The Cheer Squad will record their voice notes and send them back to sync in your Cheer We Go Collection HQ in real time.

You can listen to each one and select the price plan to fit the number of Cheer Squad members. Record your own intro and outro to further personalise the Collection
Organise & Wrap Up
On the end date, the Collection will be locked so no further voice notes can be added.

You can organise the sequence of play and then finalise the wrap up. This will generate a QR code to share with your Superhero to either send yourself or Cheer We Go can email it to them on a specified date.


There’s a Cheer We Go for that

A unique gift your loved ones will

Never Forget


a good thing going

At Cheer We Go we know that a little kindness and support goes a long way. That’s why we donate a percentage of our profits to charity for every Cheer We Go that gets made.

Choose from our 3 selected good causes when you’re ready to wrap up, and we’ll pass along your support.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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