When you take on a big physical challenge - whether it be a 5k or a marathon or an ultra event - you are pushing yourself to another level!
Having a Cheer We Go to listen to during the event can massively help you push through those barriers and ensure you make it over the finish line feeling supported and with a big smile on your face!

Who Does What

Cheer Leader

This could be a friend or family member / partner of the runner


The fabulous runner, elite athlete or the upcoming novice first timer!

Cheer Squad

The supporters of the person doing this amazing physical challenge! The ones who couldn't make it to cheer from the sidelines on the day!

Tips & Ideas

for a Marathon Cheer We Go
Suggestions on what you could say
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Tell them why you are so proud of what they are taking on.
A little story or a 'dad joke' to distract them and pass some time is a great plan.
Share how impressed you are at seeing them step outside their comfort zone.
Remind them why they matter and what your friendship means to you.
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Sound Bites

Marathon Good Luck
Marathon Good Luck
Marathon Good Luck

More Occasions

There's a Cheer We Go for that

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