Thank You

At the end of term or the end of the year, there’s no better way to thank your favourite teacher or coach for all their help and support with a Cheer We Go collection for the Class of 2024 or end of the season!

Who Does What

Cheer Leader

This could be a parent of a student in the class or team or even one of the students may wish to be the organiser


The amazing teacher or coach who has given their all to help pass on their care, guidance and knowledge

Cheer Squad

The kids or students or team players or even the parents themselves to share their good wishes

Tips & Ideas

for a Thank You Cheer We Go
Suggestions on what you could say
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Share why you like the teacher or coach so much
Tell them how they helped make such a big difference
Recall a funny story that reminds you of something nice they did for you
Share a favourite story, poem or sing a little song to remind them of you
Repeat back a favourite catchphrase / quote they always say!
Get inspired with these snippets

Sound Bites

End of Term Thank you
Parent Teacher Thank you
Thanks for an amazing year!
Thanks for helping me now enjoy school!

More Occasions

There's a Cheer We Go for that

A unique gift your loved ones will

Never Forget

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Frequently Asked Questions
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