In Loving Memory

When a loved one passes away, it can be an incredibly traumatic and stressful time for remaining friends and family and it's hard to know what words of comfort could possibly help.

Who Does What

Cheer Leader

This could be a son, daughter or partner of the deceased or other family member who is supporting the family


Its about the person who has passed away but the collected memories are for the family to celebrate their loved one

Cheer Squad

Friends and family of the deceased, wanting to share their memories and stories to celebrate the life

Tips & Ideas

for a In Loving Memory Cheer We Go
Suggestions on what you could say
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A story of when and how you first met
Your favourite memory of something you did together
Share something you loved about them
Share a saying they were known for
Recall a joke they used to tell
Share what they meant to you and why there were so special
Get inspired with these snippets

Sound Bites

We're going to miss him

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There's a Cheer We Go for that

A unique gift your loved ones will

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